Internet Marketing - Google Adwords: A Love and Hate Relationship?

I was recently reminded two months ago that we as internet marketers are all at the mercy of Google. Whether it is natural search rankings, Adwords, or Adsense, he who earns money through Google can also die by their hand.

You see I like many other marketers have learned one thing, Google has more money than God and they could really care less about us marketers out here in the trenches.

What they care the most about is their user experience and they will protect and improve it at all costs. They know that without the users who entrust their lives to Google each day, they would not have such a thriving business.

But can you really make big money online without Google? I would venture to say that the answer to that question is a resounding yes! There are many people who have gotten themselves to making multiple five figures per month or more even without Google's blessing.

But here is the real question, why would you want to do that? Although living in Google land is a love and hate relationship, you can please them and their users by simply creating a better website.

Here are some key points to consider the next time you get slapped by Google and are looking to get back on.

1. Unique Content Is King!

Times have changed, but only slightly. It used to be that content was king on the Internet. However with the information age also came the age of piracy.

Everyone thinks that if they find information online, they are instantly given the right to repost that information on their own website. What you have to realize is that Google ONLY loves unique content.

So don't plagarize someone else's work, take the time to create your own. This way, Google will love your site and reward you for the time to you took make it unique. This includes pictures, videos, and text.

2. Single Page Sales Pages and Landing Pages Are History

Google took a recent poll of all of its users and found that most single page sales pages and landing pages did not provide any useful content to its users. So they are now on a mission to penalize and remove them from their system.

So to comply with their new rules, you must create a site that has multiple pages. This can include things like a home page, about us, articles, links, frequently asked questions, contact us, shopping cart, site map and so on and so forth. The point is they want to see some depth to your site.

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3. Add More Content To Your Site Regularly

Take the time each month to add more unique content to your website. This will keep the spiders coming back for more and will continue to increase your relevancy in your niche.

This is important because it drives the two most important factors in Google loving or hating you, page rank and quality score.

4. Link Building Is A Must

This used to be an optional item when it came to using Google. Now it is required. You must take the time to contact websites in your niche and exchange links with them.

Again this will increase relevancy and even provide natural search engine rankings for your main keywords. This means lots of free traffic now and for years to come.

5. No Redirects To Another Website

This is the toughest change Google has implemented to their Adwords program. You cannot take a user to another website to sell them something at any point while they are clicking around on your website.

If they find one affiliate link, they are likely to slap you and eventually ban you. However, I have found through the grapevine that this does not apply to https pages that lead to a shopping cart or checkout page.

So if you are in an affiliate program, the work around is to get a hold of the owner of the website and ask them to link directly to the order page. This will allow you to continue doing business.

I hope that this information regarding Google has been helpful. I know that the love and hate relationship with Google will continue for years to come.

But no matter whether you love or hate them, you have to admit that when they love you, life tends to be a little easier on the Internet as a marketer.

Wishing You Nothing But Success,

Juan Walker

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