You Get What You Focus On

The end of the year is upon us. As I sit here reflecting about all the trials and tribulations I have wrestled with this year, I have a deep sense of gratitude that I have been able to fulfill my promises.

A promise to take care of a newborn daughter, a promise to save our household from certain demise, and a promise to be better than the year before. You see this year has taken my wife and I on a journey from the depths of complete and utter failure offline, to the heights of infinite success on the internet.

This year life threw everything negative that it could our way, but we still prevailed. We suffered, we had frustrations, we doubted our abilities to survive, but we still prevailed. Thank you God.

As I turn 29 years young tomorrow, I can truly say that this year (2009) has been one of the most trying years in my life. At the same time, it has been one of the most life altering experiences, filled with joy, love, and lots of successes as well.

With darkness there is always light right around the corner. My wife and I had a choice to make this year, do we allow the current failures we were going through at the time to define our future, or do we decide to stand up and fight and do something different?

Well we chose to stand up and start an online business. We chose to FOCUS on the positive things that might happen with this new business rather than to focus on all the negative things that were happening around us.

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We chose to follow the simple steps provided by an online community and our mentor instead of trying to reinvent the wheel ourselves. And finally, we chose to put in the hard work each day to get the results that we wanted.

What did we get in return?

The greatest gift we could have never asked for; the ability to have the time to raise our daughter the way we wanted. We could actually work from home, make money online, and watch her grow.

Experience her saying her first words. Experience her crawling and walking for the first time. And moving forward we know that we will be the parents who are always there for their child.

It has definitely been a life altering year and if I had to do it over again, I would not change anything. You see it was our ability to focus in times of dispair that allowed us to shine when our world was the darkest.

By focusing and being relentless toward our goals, the results were extraordinary. Are you focusing on the positive aspects of your life each day, or are you dwelling only on the negative?

Take it from our experience, focus on the light and you can accomplish anything you want in life. Even the things you never thought were possible.

Wishing You Nothing But Success,

Juan Walker

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  1. Great post Juan. Very inspirational. This year has been rough for me too, but 2010 will be much better due to the same online community you mentioned. Going to make L1 and beyond ;)

  2. Many people would love to live the lifestyle that comes along with running their own successful home business, but they are stuck in the daily grind of the 9 to 5, or worse a 7 to 7! It can be challenging to find the time and energy to create and grow such a business.

    When you already work a full-time job, it may seem almost impossible to get your own business started while not neglecting your personal duties. What advice do you have for those who would love to work for themselves, but aren't sure if they can make it because of time and financial constraints?

  3. The advice I would have is to make time. I understand that you have other responsibilities, but if having a successful home business is what you want you will have to sacrifice now to have later.

    The great news is this. Once you are having success, you can walk away from the old job and NEVER have to go back. You will be in charge of your own life from then on.

  4. Juan, you are the best, bro. Your advice to me has really helped steer me in the right direction. You're an inspiration and I will be cheering you on.