List Building = Massive Profits + Time Freedom!

Every expert I know talks about the importance of building a list. They share intimate details of how their list is their ultimate expression of leverage in their internet business and also their saving grace when money gets tight.

What they are truly saying is that their list is their audience. The group of people they are building a relationship with, who may want to do business with them but need more information before they are willing to open up their wallets.

So when a person becomes part of your list, meaning they give you their email address in exchange for sampling the value you can provide, what they are really saying is they want to date you. They want you to wine and dine them to find out if you're the correct person or company they should spend money with.

They want to qualify you and find out if you're expertise on a particular subject is as deep as you say it goes. The process of list building is not difficult. You simply purchase traffic (interested visitors) and drive them to a landing page where you request their name and email address in exchange for something of value.

This could be a free report, video, product, service, or pretty much anything. The point is you open the lines of communication so you can prove the value you can provide upfront before the prospect (or person that gave their information) has to make an investment. Once you have delivered on that value, then a level of trust is built and your list then becomes responsive.

This just means that when you send out an email, the people on your list are highly likely to open the email, read it in excitement, and click through to any links you include. This needs to be your ultimate goal in building the relationship because from then on you can monetize the list for life.

Imagine waking up each day and spending 30 minutes to one hour writing an email or a blog post. For example, maybe you're a really good cook and you're sharing the details of how to make a certain gluten free recipe that you know the prospects on your list will love.

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And, maybe you just so happen to include a little information after the recipe that if they want more recipes like this, then they should check out a brand new ebook/video series on the topic. An ebook/video series created by another expert who is selling their product through the Clickbank Marketplace, where it just so happens you can earn an affiliate commission of $20.00 for each unit sold.

So you complete your email with the recipe and recommendation in it, and you send it out to your list of people from all around the globe. It took you about an hour to complete and you go about your business for the rest of the day. The next day you check your stats and see that many people opened the email, clicked the email, and you generated over $500.00 in sales from the recommendation off of just one email!

Wow that is insane! Now imagine if you sent out valuable content every other day with a recommendation or every day, how much more money could you earn per week, per month, or even per year? The possibilities are endless, especially since you will be continuing to grow your list over time.

"Okay Juan, I think I get it and having a list that is responsive sounds great. But if it were that easy to make money online then why isn't everyone doing it?"

Well, because building a list and turning it into a responsive list is not that simple after all. It takes a lot of hard work, creative juices, and more importantly, an understanding of how to deliver content over time kind of like a radio or TV station.

There are new skills you need to learn and ultimately you have to invest continuously into your marketing efforts to grow the list in the first place. But what if there were a different way to do things to where all of your emails are already pre-written for you and all you had to do was purchase the traffic to drive to an already pre-made for you landing page(s).

Meaning instead of having learn the hard way how to do things by yourself, you simple copy what another expert is doing and leverage their emails, landing pages, and systems to get results quickly.

I know it sounds a little too good to be true, but people with no experience, no prior results, or who are looking for more consistent results in their online business are getting exactly what they want. The opportunity to purchase traffic and see their list grow every day, while they earn $20 to $4,000 per day, without doing any other work.

So now that I've shared what a list is and how it could truly change your life if done correctly, next time I'll be sharing more information about the first opportunity that will allow you to accomplish what we just covered in the simplest way possible. Stay tuned.

Wishing You Nothing But Success,

Juan Walker

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